Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New work
Paper and stitch collages.  I managed to spend the whole day in my studio last Monday and found a stack of vintage french newspapers and vintage advertising books that i'd forgotten about.
Paper collages
    "Sacred Reality"  "Our Dreams are Tales"
 Pages from vintage french advertising books and snippets of fabric from a Victorian patchwork quilt
... a little bit of paint
 I also found a box of vintage wooden cotton reels i'd forgotten about, all different sizes, shapes and colours.

Another vintage cotton reel, with double sided collage wound around

 Poem on vintage wooden cotton reel



  1. I love your never ending supply of ideas for things, those cotton reels are wonderful!!

  2. Ooh Tina, those cotton reel collages are GORGEOUS ...now that's my kind of art. I been making Yuletide Tussie Mussies, I'll see if I can get DH to send a photo from his 'Crackberry' for you to see them

  3. This is wonderful, Tina! Your creativity and imagination is so inspiring. I agree with Micki - you've got a never-ending supply of so many wonderful, colourful, beautiful ideas for both the big and little bits and bobs that you and Gavin find in your travels. And I love that you're working with fabric - I love working with fabric, too. Wonderful! Great that you're back with this new blog, too. - June

  4. Hehe - I would love to raid your stash of wonderful bits and bobs!! x Jo